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Mr. O P Munjal, Chairman – Hero Cycles Ltd
Date of birth : 26th August 1928
Residing place : Ludhiana (Born at Kamalia in Pakistan)
Education : Undergraduate (from the District Kamalia in Pakistan)

Mr. O P Munjal has been the Chairman of the group’s flagship company Hero Cycles Ltd. He has also been on the Board Of Directors of the group companies, which includes – Hero Honda Motors Ltd, Hero Motors Ltd, Munjal Kiriu India (P) Ltd and ZF Hero Chassis Systems.

Mr. O.P Munjal has been truly a visionary and a first generation entrepreneur. He has spearheaded the entire initiative of transforming Hero Cycles from a local player to an international brand. Under his leadership the group’s business and revenues have grown manifolds. Today the group has emerged as a large conglomerate with diversified interests and joint ventures with global players.

His contribution to towards the economic and social developments are briefly described, as under –

Economic development

Mr. Munjal started Hero Cycles in 1956 with limited resources and no technical qualification. He had migrated from Pakistan and set up Bi-cycle parts unit in Ludhiana. He had before him the formidable challenge of providing a low cost means of transportation at an affordable cost for the Common man the AAM ADMI. He achieved that successfully and today Hero Cycles features in the Guinness Book of World record for manufacturing 18500 Bi-cycles daily.

Mr. Munjal had pioneered the concept of, Off the assembly line in India and a pull based supply system, which was sheerly driven by the constraint of capital. Inspite of rapid industrialization he maintained Hero Cycles as a labour intensive unit since for him the employees were an extended family. Most of them have joined and retired from Hero Cycles, which is a no mean achievement.

The growth and prosperity of Hero Cycles was not just restricted to the promoters but was shared with the vendors, dealers and other associates.The loyalties  developed are mutual and everlasting. Today Ludhiana is synonymous with Hero Cycles and a large population is dependant either directly or indirectly on Hero Cycles.

As part of corporate social responsibility Mr. Munjal is known for his highest contribution to the exchequer of the Punjab State Govt. He has been accredited with the ‘Samman Patra’ for his contribution made to the state for several years.

Social development

The success of a man is to gauged not purly from his wealth/ prosperity or economic standing but also on what he gave back to society. Mr. Munjal has made significant contribution to the society by establishing many schools, colleges / institutions and hospitals benefiting the society at large.

Mr. Munjal has nurtured schools and institutions in and around Ludhiana - over 20,000 children gets education every year. There are concessions for students from economically weaker sections and their employees.

He has set up a world class medical facility in the name of ‘Dayanand Medical College’ (DMC). The hospital is equipped with most modern equipments and facilities. There is a highly experienced/dedicated team of doctors to provide high quality treatment at an affordable cost.

Awards and accreditions
  1. Recognition / honors from the former Presidents of India - Dr. Radhakrishnan, Sri V V Giri, Sri Giani Jail Singh and Dr. Abdul Kalam
  2. Udyog Rattan Award from Capt. Amrinder Singh – former CM of Punjab for outstanding contribution towards economic development of the State (Punjab)
  3. ‘Samman Patra’ award towards highest contribution to exchequer of the state Govt. between year 1995-1996 to 1999-2000
  4. ‘Indira Gandhi National Unity’ award to recognize his social contribution
  5. ‘Punjab Rattna’ award to commemorate his contribution to the state economy
Interest towards Literature

Apart from Business & Social developments Mr. Munjal’s contribution towards arts and culture is known to the society. He has been a great promoter of ‘Urdu’ language through his ‘Shers’ and ‘Musharies’ published in journals, magazines and company’s annual diaries to support the art and culture of the country.

Events & sports

Mr. Munjal, through his corporate leadership has been sponsoring many sports, cultural and social events.