Hero Cycles, the flagship company of the O. P. Munjal Group Of Companies, has been enjoying a position of high repute not only in India but also in some of the most advanced countries of the world, which is a manifestation of unparalleled quality of Hero Cycles. Started in 1956 as a small bicycle parts manufacturer & supplier, Hero Cycles gradually emerged as the world’s largest manufacturer of bicycles. Currently, Hero Cycles is a renowned brand in more than seventy-five countries in the world.

Hero Cycles has always been striving for perfection, which is ensured by constant innovation. The hunt for innovative techniques to produce the best bicycles is endless at Hero Cycles. It is the constant innovation that has helped the company to follow the new trends to its advantage by identifying emerging requirements and expanding its product portfolio.

It was in 1986 when Hero Cycles was first named as the largest producer of bicycles by Guinness Book of world records. Since then, the company has been maintaining its top position. The Hero plant is currently rolling out one bicycle every nine seconds.