Hero Motors

Hero Motors Group is equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. All the units are located at strategic locations for the unique advantages that each place offers. A workforce of dedicated professionals is efficiently operating and managing the facilities and leading the organisation towards the pinnacle of achievements.

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Sheet Metal Division

The Sheet Metal division is well-equipped with the latest infrastructure and manufacturing practices for stamping and welding.

We also have sophisticated machines like pneumatic/hydraulic and mechanical presses ranging from 7 tons to 250 tons, welding like TIG/MIG/spot/projection with manual, SPM, as well as twin torch robotic MIG welding.

Our press shop has the capacity to produce 1.5 million chain covers per year, while the welding facility, which has 100 MIG welding machines, can manufacture more than 6,000 swing arms per day.

The MIG welding robot has a handling capacity of 5kg at the wrist with a unique 18kg additional load for applications equipment on the upper arm. Superior levels of control and path accuracy provide excellent work quality.

Hero Motors has 8 MIG welding SPMs of Indian make. Superior levels of control and accuracy with micro adjustment features provide excellent work quality. The machine’s ability to adjust process speed and position means you achieve higher production with good quality.

We have 25 stationary spot/projection machines of Jaya Hind Sciaky make with 25KVA capacity. With the ergonomic design and built-in transformer, the machines are highly flexible and energy-saving in nature. Hero Motors also has a projection welding machine of 75KVA capacity.

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